Hark! A Vagrant on CBR's Top 100 Comics of the 2010s

“Top 100 Comics of the 2010s: #35-31” / CBR.com / Brian Cronin / December 30, 2019

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Hark! A Vagrant

Kate Beaton had been doing her webcoming, Hark! A Vagrant, for a few years when she landed a book deal collecting some of the best strips from the first few years of the strip, with some added commentary by Beaton.

The concept of Hark! A Vagrant is that Beaton will do hilariously offbeat commentary on history and literature, like this riff on the Bronte sisters...

The strips are rapid fire gag strips, almost like the old school Archie Comics format (or Laugh-In).

Beaton explained why she chose the format to The Comics Journal, "I choose the gag format honestly because I am most impressed by well-crafted humor. I don’t like presenting something that isn’t finished. I don’t like leaving things hanging, I don’t want a story with its ass hanging out. I want it to all be there and to have crafted this thing. My favorite humorist is Stephen Leacock and when you read his parody novels, they’re only a few pages long and they’re just perfect. You can’t just go on and on. A lot of humor books and things, they’re comedies and they try to go too long? You get tired of it. You’re like “that movie needed to be shorter.” You don’t see too many novels like that."

It's sharp, intelligent and hilarious. She's a true comedic master.

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