Paste Names Beautiful Darkness as One of the Best Horror Comics of All Time

“Tech 100 of the Best Horror Comics of All Time” / Paste / Steve Fox / January 15, 2020

Beautiful Darkness
Writer: Fabien Vehlmann
Artists: Kerascoët
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

French import Beautiful Darkness is perhaps more horrific than straight-up horror, slowly unfolding its absolutely bleak miniature world in gorgeous watercolors. Like a classic children’s book straight from Hell, Beautiful Darkness follows a large band of oddly shaped Lilliputians struggling to survive—and constantly, flippantly meeting their violent ends—on, in and around the corpse of a little girl murdered and left to rot in the woods. There are potent metaphors about the human condition and capacity for cruelty at work here, and few comics will leave you as unnerved and inconsolable about our species.

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