Chicago Tribune Recommends Making Comics During These Uncertain Times

“Waiting out COVID-19: Authors recommend books for uncertain times” / Chicago Tribune / Chicago Tribune / March 14, 2020

There is so much to fear in this world right now, so many things to make us rigid with dread, and I find my single best antidote to all of it is to stay curious. Things change shape when you can keep asking questions about them. Monoliths break down, forgone conclusions become less so, and even dictators show their seams. Coming from a place where there is always more to unpack, more to understand, gives me the mental flexibility required to imagine better outcomes. Enter Lynda Barry’s Making Comics, a book that is every bit as much about creative problem solving as it is drawing. What I love most about Barry is not just her exercises, but the way she thinks about thinking, How do we learn? What is the relationship between a thought, a dream, a memory, and a story? Reading Making Comics makes me want to wade into the areas I feel unsure about, which at this point is ... everything? And that’s the whole point.

— Mira Jacob, author of “Good Talk”

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