The Times Features Familiar Face

“The best new sci-fi for March 2020 — from futuristic erotica to an emoji dystopia” / The Times / Simon Ings / February 27, 2020

Familiar Face by Michael DeForge

Familiar Face is a graphic novel set in a city of icons and emojis, inhabited by elastic, modular beings that bear little resemblance to humans. DeForge’s visual vocabulary is deceptively simple, hovering somewhere between doodle and web design; appropriate for a place where, each night, automatic downloads update not only your phone, but also your way to work, your street, your house, your spouse, even your flesh. In this future — so orientated towards convenience that it has become impossible to comprehend — the consumer complaint has become everyone’s favourite mode of self-expression. Mourning the loss of her lover, DeForge’s protagonist reads signs, explanations and epiphanies into everything. Consequently, she’s the best pair of eyes through which to observe this world. Come for the consumer satire; stay for the heartache. 

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