6.6 x 9.3
120 Pgs
$19.95 CAD/USD

Meet the original antihero Joe Matt: a master of a domain that includes over twenty-three self-edited eight-hour-long videotapes of bootlegged pornography; a penny-pincher who never fails to make a dime off his friends; a chronic masturbator who doesn't understand why he never has a girlfriend; an obsessive collector frantically searching for the toys of his childhood; a callous son who throws out every gift his mother gives him; a man so lazy that he urinates in a bottle rather than walk to the bathroom. Everyone and everything is fodder for Matt's autobiographical comics, and his biggest target for ridicule is himself. Spent collects the story originally serialized in issues 11 through 14 of his infamous comic book series, Peepshow.

Praise for Spent

[Joe Matt] chronicles his life in hilarious, unsparing detail.

Rolling Stone

Dark, self-loathing, porn-addicted and parodic...

New York Times

It's not uncommon now for readers of literature to admire... Joe Matt with a partisan vigor formerly reserved for renegades like Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Brautigan.

New York Times

I dug SPENT; it's funny, poignant, and solidly constructed.

Harvey Pekar

Matt's work is a Woody Allenesque portrait-of-the-artist-as-a-pathetic-bundle-of-neuroses.

Globe & Mail
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