11 x 8.1
96 Pgs
$19.95 CAD/USD

Ethereal illustrations expand on a New York Times series by an acclaimed author, artist, and art-lover

Sunday Night Movies features Leanne Shapton's romantic interpretation of moments from the movies that populate her memory. She captures fragments and stills that appeared on the screen for mere seconds and, in a gorgeous deep black watercolor, re-envisions them, forging haunting images that stay with you, much like a hazy but stubborn recollection of dreams past.

What could be a simple still life or portrait of an actor in a classic scene becomes so much more when seen through Shapton’s eyes. This journey through Shapton’s film life becomes a wistful, if light-handed, celebration of the quiet moments in life, which too often slip by unnoticed. Each painting is like a love letter to the art form of cinema.

Nothing is as magical as when artist Leanne Shapton casts a dreamy eye towards classic iconography; she transforms the language of images with each grey wash and carefully chosen line. Her bestselling Petit Livre art book The Native Trees Of Canada took a century-old government catalogue and reworked it, using bold colors and stark shapes to represent the trees in all their majestic glory. The book was a sleeper hit, and went through multiple printings. With Sunday Night Movies she brings her distinctive style to bear on moments in her own life and the effect is restrained and fanciful, familiar and all new. It’s a uniquely beautiful book from an artist known for her dreamily beautiful work.

Praise for Sunday Night Movies

Sunday Night Movies is... an arresting series of watercolors...the paintings are suffused with a kind of rosy light: bright whites, celluloid blackness, a celestial gray haze... It is a soft light, the kind you shine on something you love.

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