Congratulations, Rutu Modan.

February 3, 2014
What a way to start a winter Monday Morning! Congratulations to Rutu Modan on her winning the "Prix du Jury" at the Angouleme festival yesterday in France. The Property is…

Beautiful Darkness

March 7, 2013
When Peg & I went to Angouleme a couple of years ago as part of a wonderful program for foreign publishers to meet with other publishers to buy rights for their countries, we…

Angouleme 2013!

February 13, 2013
Once a year this magical thing happens in a far away place. I suppose at its core it's essentially the same as what goes on here at North American comics festivals, but, people,…

Angouleme Consolidated

February 4, 2011
Here are the consolidated posts for our trip to Angoulême. I know that this is exactly what you wanted.