9.5 x 14
48 Pgs
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The master of the comic book mash-up finds the POTUS to be his ultimate super-villain

25% of net proceeds donated to the American Civil Liberties Union!


R. Sikoryak is famous for taking classic comics and mashing them with famous literature as he did in Masterpiece Comics or even using comics to visualize the iTunes Terms and Conditions contract. Now in these uncertain times, cartoonist R. Sikoryak draws upon the power of comics and satire to frame President Trump and his controversial declarations as the words and actions of the most notable villains and antagonists in comic book history.

Reimagining the most famous comic covers, Sikoryak transforms Wonder Woman into Nasty Woman; Tubby Tompkins into Trump; Black Panther into the Black Voter; the Fantastic Four into the Hombres Fantasticos and Trump into Magneto fighting the Ex-Men.

In perfect Trumpian fashion, The Unquotable Trump will be a 48-page treasury annual—needlessly oversized and garishly colored;  a throw-back to the past when both Comics and America were Great. This will be the hugest comic, truly a great comic. You won’t want to miss this, trust me, you’ll see!

Praise for The Unquotable Trump

Perhaps no artist is adopting President Trump’s words for comic effect more literally, or effectively, than R. Sikoryak.

Michael Cavna, Washington Post

If you're one of those people who always considered comic book dialogue to be too unrealistic, bombastic, or plain silly, then real life has nothing on art when it comes to the utterances of Donald J. Trump.

The Independent

If you've ever wondered what it's like to recognize that something is funny and clever while also being horrifying and sad, it feels like this.

The AV Club

A beautiful celebration of comic-book art and a spectacular satire of President Evil.

Mark Peters, Salon

Under the shadow of the impending Trump administration, many people aren't sure whether they want to laugh or cry. Artist R. Sikoryak has us doing both.


Sikoryak, an artist known for his arch comic adaptations of literary classics, casts President Trump, along with his outlandish claims and alternative facts, as some of the most notable villains in comic book history.

New York Times

It's both amazing and depressing at the same time.


Sikoryak has proven that comics are truly the most fitting medium to consume Trump's words: they relegate his voice to a world wholly scripted and fantastical, to one designed to entertain.


The Unquotable Trump... portrays the President as a supervillain in the style of the iconic comic book covers from the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Age of Comic Books.


"[The Unquotable Trump is] one of the most interesting and subversive uses of superhero iconography to critique Trump and his policies.


Cleverly repurposed comic book covers that envisage the current president as a bombastic supervillain.

Boston Globe

 The Unquotable Trump compiles Trump's biggest whoppers, boners, and boasts, presenting them as familiar comic book covers. The effect is hilarious and scary.

Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing

Comic artist R. Sikoryak, known for his Masterpiece Comics and his graphic novel version of the iTunes user agreement, is now creating faux comic book covers using... speech excerpts from our High School Bully-Elect.

Boing Boing
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